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4 reasons why Michelle Jones is perfect for Peter Parker

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

**Spoilers from Spiderman: No Way Home**

Peter Parker spent a while crushing on Liz Toomes in Spider-man: Homecoming. Obviously (and thankfully) things didn't work out between them. And, then came Michelle Jones who seems tailored for Peter Parker.

4- The attraction is gradual.

When we met her, there seemed to be no spark between her and Peter. He was into someone else and she was into mocking him and Ned. Her feelings were obviously growing in Spiderman: Far from Home when she started stalking him and finally dated him in Spiderman: No Way Home. Her gradual attraction proves that she took her time to observe and learn about him before getting together. Thus, the basis of the relationship is strong.

3- She lacks social skills.

Spider-man is one of the rare superheroes who decides to stick with the mask because anonymity protects him as a teenage superhero. Living a double life makes it hard to maintain a large social circle. How unfortunate? Well, not for MJ. She doesn't have many friends and hates being in-crowd which makes her a perfect companion for Peter Parker.

2- She can keep up with Spider-man.

Quick kudos to MJ for finding Peter's secret identity on her own. Yet she wasn't intimidated by the dangers looming over Peter and his loved ones. Let's take another look at MJ. She's super smart like Peter, she is loyal and she's fearless enough to reprimand Dr. Strange in his own territory. Another kudos to MJ for staying by Peter's side even when he doesn't have anything to offer, such as when Aunt May died. Hence, she is harmless but also useful to Spider-man.

1- She fell in love with Peter.

Have you noticed this Easter egg in Spiderman: No Way Home where MJ wore the broken necklace Peter gave her in the previous movie? Also, she discovered Spider-man's identity by stalking Peter Parker. With this in mind, it is evident that she is more interested in her nerdy classmate than the famous superhero. Lastly, even Peter had this confession for MJ, “Ever since I got bitten by that spider, I’ve only had one week when my life felt normal—and that’s when you found out.”

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