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4 Types of Disney Princes

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Despite not being as iconic or even interesting as the princesses/heroines, the princes/heroes still hold a special place in our hearts. Although most of them are dashing and muscular, they differ in personalities and roles, that’s why they can be easily classified into four types:

4- The Filler


Ex: Prince Philippe from Sleeping Beauty

Prince Ferdinand from Snow White

Usually seen as an actual prince from the oldest films, the filler is there, well… because he has to be. The filler checks all the cliche boxes. He is handsome, nice, romantic, and sometimes brave. Apart from that, he doesn’t have much of a backstory or characterization.

Strength: He makes the viewers swoon.

Weakness: He is painfully boring.

3- The Prince Charming


Ex: Eric from Little Mermaid

Prince Charming from Cinderella

The Prince Charming is pretty much the Filler with more personality traits. He usually has a wide fanbase among the ladies but he seeks a special connection with someone who seems different. He usually falls for the princess, at first sight, then charms her, and fights (often physically) for their relationship.

Strength: He’s easy to love because he’s the perfect guy.

Weakness: He is too perfect.

2- The companion


Ex: Flynn from Rapunzel

Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Now, things are starting to get interesting. The companion is usually an average guy when it comes to looks and power but he has a clear persona and specific character traits. He starts off on the wrong foot with the princess but their relationship will evolve as they bond over a shared task then they will start developing romantic feelings for each other.

Strength: He is realistic

Weakness: His role is predictable.

1- The love interest

Ex: Kristoff from Frozen

Prince Naveen from The princess and the Frog

Aladdin from Aladdin

Another average guy with a flaw that will impact the story. Apart from characterization, he has explicit dreams and motivations. He usually works with the princess to achieve a specific task but they bond through dialogue. Most likely, they will open up about their respective dreams and insecurities. The Love Interest doesn’t try to be the hero, he is always willing to support the princess.

Weakness: He lacks charm and elegance.

Strengths: He is his own person regardless of the princess’ influence.

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