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5 reasons why Bruce Wayne belongs with Rachel (5 reasons with Selina)

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

***Major spoilers ahead***

In The Dark Knight trilogy, Bruce Wayne's relationship with Rachel was as deep as realistic. We could say the same for him and Selina, although they're very different. Let's explore both relationships to see what went wrong and right.

10- Rachel: They’ve known each other their whole life.

Bruce and Rachel grew up together. They know almost everything about each other, and their relationship has a strong foundation. Also, Rachel has been here for many significant moments of Bruce’s life, for instance, her parent’s death and his debut as Batman.

9- Selina Kyle: She can assist Batman.

The first time Bruce and Selina started to bond was by fighting as Batman and Catwoman, respectively. Unlike Rachel, who has to stay out of the way while Bruce fights dirty against villains, Selina can assist him.

8- Rachel: She shares Bruce's core values.

The main reason why Selina and Bruce didn’t click at first is that they initially didn't share the same values. Bruce tries to do what's right for the majority, while Selina does what's necessary to survive. On the other hand, both Rachel and Bruce values integrity and justice before everything else, and they are prone to make sacrifices for the greater good.

7- Selina: She can deal with both identities.

Bring Bruce to Selina? She’s interested. Bring Batman? She’s overjoyed (but won't show it). And it works vice-versa. However, Rachel only wanted to deal with Bruce, most precisely Bruce as “the great kid” she used to play with.

6- Rachel: Bruce learned a lot from her.

She was the first person to teach Batman the difference between revenge and justice. Furthermore, she gave Bruce a crash course about Falcone’s reign of fear over the city, which would be crucial in turning him into Gotham’s defender. Rachel always brings the best out of him.

5- Selina: Batman inspired her to turn over a new leaf

Bruce could see through Selina’s facade and flaws. Throughout the whole movie, he is the only one who seems to believe there’s more to Selina than a thief. Although it was implicit, we could see that this trust inspired Selina to do better.

4- Rachel: She was willing to wait for Bruce

While Bruce learned to conquer his fear and juggled both of his demanding identities, Rachel waited. When, finally, she realized that she couldn’t be with him as long as the city needed him, she decided to wait some more because of how special Bruce was in her eyes.

3- Selina: She never chose anyone over him.

As shown before, Rachel was willing to wait for a long time but not forever, especially when other options were around. She fell for Harvey Dent and chose him, although she still had feelings for Bruce. On the other hand, Selina is only interested in Bruce.

2- Rachel: She is Bruce’s friend.

Rachel knew Bruce deeply, had a lot in common with him, and constantly stayed loyal to him. She even chose to remain at his side, as a friend, even after choosing Harvey Dent. Friendship is the basis of any long-lasting romantic relationship, and Bruce and Rachel had a true one.

1- Selina: She challenges Bruce Wayne.

If Bruce feels waves of comfort when he’s with Rachel, it’s the exact opposite with Selina. He can’t ever predict her next move, even if he tries. She keeps him on his toes, and he seems to enjoy it. These two won’t get bored of each other anytime soon.

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