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5 ways Cruella is a hero (5 ways she's a villain)

Over the years, Cruella De Vil has been feared and mostly ridiculed but never has she been... understood. Therefore in the live-action movie played by Emma Stone, Cruella finally gets the chance to tell her part of the story. However, her narration has caused a division of opinions about her role. Is she a villain or a hero?

10- Villain: She uses evil to get her way.

Even when Cruella has a good motive, such as standing up for Anita Darling at school or finding justice for her adoptive mother's murder, she can't help but use mischief and deception to do so. She has a knack for manipulating good and evil to fulfill her wishes.

9- Hero: She'd had a rough childhood.

Cruella probably would have stayed Estella if she'd had an easier childhood. She was raised modestly by an adoptive single mother who died in front of her. To make matters worse, she grew up thinking she was responsible for her mother's death. Still, she stayed loyal to her friends and tried to live up to her mother's vision. With her genius brain and redeeming qualities minus her traumatic childhood, Cruella is a hero.

8- Villain: She is driven by revenge.

Even when Cruella was at the peak of her fashion career and even achieved to upstage the Baroness, she is just seeking revenge for her mother's death. Cruella is creative and intelligent; however, she is usually guided by the wrong motives to reach her full potential.

7- Hero: She is loyal to her loved ones.

Cruella is usually fierce in hurting people that she believes deserve to be. However, her fierceness is also manifested through her loyalty. She remained faithful to her mom, and even to her memory. Although she chose to become Cruella instead of Estella, she still found justice for her murder and reiterated her love for her.

6- Villain: She hurts her loved ones.

Whether intentionally or not, Cruella has a habit of hurting those closest to her. As a child, Cruella inadvertently hurt her mom as she couldn't stay out of trouble at school. Also, in her revenge quest, Cruella went as far as mistreating Jasper and Horace, who make up her found family, by disregarding their efforts and feelings.

5- Hero: She's a rebel.

Deep down, Cruella doesn't mind being nice (she's had her moments). She put it best when she acknowledged that she was not challenging her mother but the world. Cruella is a free spirit and she can't thrive within societal barriers. Therefore, what may come across as aggressiveness and arrogance is just a rebel who only listens to her heart.

4- Villain: Her name.

What more can we say about a character named "Cruella De Vil"? Her alias sounds pretty self-explanatory. In short, it means that the character is inherently evil and is destined to remain on the wrong path.

3- Hero: She's a feminist hero.

Let's admit it, Cruella is not for everyone, thus the hero versus villain debate that hangs over her. Regardless, she has found an opportunity to shine in the feminist movement. Since her tender years, Cruella has been rebelling against traditional values of society; that's why she fought any boy who'd attack her. She is also an independent and powerful woman who works hard to realize her fashion dream. With her assertive attitude and unconventional decisions, Cruella reminds the viewers of being proud as a woman.

2- Villain: She chose to be.

After realizing the truth about her mother, Cruella officially embraces her dark side. She sees herself as superior to the vision her mother had and claimed that she is better than Estella. It was a bold statement but Cruella lived up to it, unapologetically. This was the last draw. Despite her origins and her fierce temperament, Cruella could have remained on the right path and focused on her career. Instead, she made her choice with a sound mind.

1- Hero: There's a worse villain.

As mischievous as Cruella can be, she is still surpassed by the baroness when it comes to evil. The latter is cold, haughty, and manipulative. Cruella got rid of her at the end for a good cause. Despite the biological bond and the similar tastes, Cruella has a major contrast with the Baronness: she doesn't target innocent people.

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