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Camille Vasquez and Johnny Depp: We Need to Stop Shipping them for these 4 Reasons.

4- The Timing is Inappropriate

The trial is between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard who are currently divorced. Regardless of who's at fault, the word "abuse" has loomed heavily in the court over the course of the trial. With intimate details out and reputations being tarnished, and alleged victims from both sides, the timing is not the best to mention romance.

3- The Professional Relationship

Despite the obvious chemistry that Depp and Vasquez share, we must remember that they are working together. Vasquez is obviously a thoughtful person as she is seen to always check on Depp and that 's one of the reasons she's so good as what she's doing. We must respect her enough to keep in mind that her caring behavior might reflect her work ethic and not romantic feelings.

2- Personal Lives

No matter how innocent the intentions might be, unfounded rumors always have consequences especially when many people are involved. The public is not 100% sure of Vasquez and Depp's respective love lives but it's been rumored that Vasquez is dating a British guy who's in real estate. Imagine the possible damage that might cause if there are real partners involved.

1- Zero Evidence

The dating rumors stemmed from a couple of hugs and gallantries (Depp holding Vasquez' chair on numerous occasions). Does Vasquez seem to get along with her client? Definitely. Do they seem to be friendly towards each other? Absolutely. Have they given any proof of hint of a romance? Not at all. No matter how most sympathize with Depp and admire Vasquez, they should respect them and honor their relationship enough to accept it how it is.

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