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A movie that has been long awaited for various reasons. Some were curious to see the live-action version of a beloved cartoon that marked our childhood, and others had expectations knowing that some elements would be modified from the previous story. Spoiler: The movie is worth watching.

5- Visual Splendor

Although it was initially feared that the film could only recreate a realistic underworld at the cost of having dark and bland visuals, we're happy to see that avoided. The setting is still realistic, but we also get to see two worlds (The underworld and the surface) displayed with rich colors and vibrant life that are enjoyable to watch. This visual splendor is magnified during the "Under the Sea" performance, and we're here for it.

4- Outstanding Acting Performance

One of the best elements of this film was the strong and convincing acting. The main characters obviously performed well, but we must also applaud Melissa McCarthy because of her lively embodiment of Ursula. Supporting characters such as Sebastian, Flounder, and the unforgettable Scuttle help carry the narratives as smoothly as possible, even when their roles require them to be chaotic toward one another.

3- Singing Performances

With that, I'm not just talking about Halle Baily handling the high notes like a champ, but I'm also referring to the quality of the songs. Every rendition of the original songs was performed flawlessly. We were also glad to see new songs being added to the soundtrack, notably For the First Time, which illustrates Ariel's child-like amazement during her first day as a human, and Wild Uncharted Waters, which gave Prince Eric's perspective and more depth to his character.

2- Chemistry within the Cast Members

It's good when actors can convincingly deliver lines. It's even better when they work together to make the whole story worth watching. I bet the actors are aware of that because they exhibit strong chemistry in their interactions, notably Halle with the CGI creatures. Most importantly, the romantic leads, Ariel and Prince Eric, seem to connect deeply. Just by how they look at each other, they are able to convince us of the mutual depth of their feelings.

1- Halle Bailey

As mentioned previously, she contributes heavily to the grandiose acting that characterizes the film, but she went above and beyond. When she was first announced as Ariel, she was welcomed with a mix of joy regarding diverse representation, fury for the same reason, and doubt because some people saw her more as a singer than an actress. We're glad to see her showing that she portrayed the perfect little mermaid through her singing skills, convincing acting, grace, and dedication. For instance, even in the scenes where she is mute, she shows strong acting skills using only body language and facial expressions to demonstrate strong and relatable emotions. In one sentence, she is a star, and many of us are grateful to witness that.

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