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Top 5 Love Interests from Choices: Stories You Play

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I'm sure most of my fellow Gen Z's are familiar with the interactive story game called Choices. Recently, they've asked fans to tell their favorite love interest from the game. Here is a top 5 list of the ones who made the gamers swoon.

- MC: Main Character

*This character's gender is chosen by the player.

5- Ian Kingsley *

Overview: There are serious controversies about the professor-student relationship that Ian and MC have. However, let's analyze Kingsley as a simple fellow. He is instantly charmed by MC's wit and intellect. Once he learned that MC was his student, he withdrew from their relationship to protect them both yet he is still there to support and even rescue her when needed.

Personality: Kingsley is sweet, book smart, and protective. He can also be emotionally distant and unassertive.

Relationship with MC: They have a lot in common but enough differences to keep things interesting. Their bond runs deep because they choose to stay together despite threats towards her education and his career. Again, they prove that love conquers all.

Cuteness Level: 7/10. It is adorable to see how humble and caring he can be towards his student.

Best Achievement: He rescued MC from a creep.

Book: Queen B.

4- Dakota Winchester *

Overview: Dakota fits every teenager's image of the perfect partner. However, there's a twist: he is battling cancer while dating MC.

Personality: Dakota is a people person. He is confident, charming, and friendly. However, he tends to bottle up his feelings.

Relationship with MC: They are total sweethearts. Their love story starts as a typical high school romance but their attachment and maturity are shown during Dakota's treatment.

Cuteness Level: 8/10. These two are cheesily cute but it's always heartwarming when Dakota does romantic gestures like dropping a gift basket at MC's front door with a letter for her mom.

Best Achievement: He left a video to comfort and guide MC when he's not there.

Book: With Every Heartbeat.

3- Annabelle Parsons

Overview: Miss Parsons has been kind to MC since the first day they've met. Their relationship is put to the test by the highly conservative society of their time.

Personality: Annabelle is witty, talented, charismatic, and affectionate. She can also be openly jealous when it comes to MC. This gives her bonus points because she seems more invested and realistic.

Relationship with MC: Their relationship is deep and intense. They are open and expressive with each other. At the same time, they are ready to fight for their love and earn each other's admiration.

Cuteness Level: 9/10. Each display of affection proves how loving she is. Her words are eloquent and sentimental. And she cares about anyone MC cares about.

Best Achievement: She agreed to keep their relationship a secret to protect MC's status and inheritance.

Book: Desire and Decorum.

2- Ava Lawrence


Ava and MC have been best friends since freshman year of high school. They only started developing feelings during senior year.

Personality: She is witty, passionate, and assertive. She can also be bossy.

Relationship with MC: She has unconditional care for MC and they share a close friendship. They are not given a lot of screentime but they make the most out of what they have.

Cuteness Level: 9/10. She is witty and confident but MC brings out her soft side and the players are there for it.

Greatest Achievement: She personally backs up all of MC's pictures so they won't be lost.

Book: My First Two Loves.

1- Drake Walker

Overview: MC came to Cordonia to compete for a prince's hand instead, she falls for his best friend Drake, a commoner.

Personality: Drake is rough around the edges and emotionally guarded. Deep down, he is the most loving and loyal guy.

Relationship with MC: He and MC are a team. They built an idyllic life together and tackle every challenge as a united front.

Cuteness Level: 10/10. Drake Walker is a total sweetheart. Every day, he tries to serve and honor MC. He even learns how to bake and sew to take care of his family.

Greatest Achievement: He took a bullet for MC.

Book: The Royal Romance.

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