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We're Going to Need More Wine: Book Review

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

In 2017, the award-winning actress Gabrielle Union decided to immortalize the highlights of her whole life on paper. She titled her eye-opening memoir, We’re Going to Need More Wine.

It isn’t bold enough to say that the cover would attract any potential reader instantly. First, there is the image of this celebrity all smiley with a laid-back stance seeming to usher us in. Then we have, in big letters, the unique title of this memoir, We’re Going to Need More Wine, which is as intriguing as distinctive. The author went head-on to explore many ambiguous themes such as race, feminism, sexuality, mental health, family dynamics. Predominantly, she uses her own lenses but also adds some other perspectives from time to time, such as Tasha Liburd’s (15) and Ricky Williams’ (231).

The author chose a casual tone and a witty approach to deliver her narratives. For example, the memoir opens with this sentence, “This kind of feels like a first date” (1). It conveys a sense of intimacy and comfort between the reader and the author.

The best aspect of this entire piece of work is its raw honesty. Union doesn’t hold back and possesses enough courage to present the unpleasant truths. In the book, we meet more than the successful and talented actress; we also shake the hands of a scarred and flawed woman. Her insecurities are displayed, and her heartbreaks are scrutinized in the memoir.

The only part of the memoir that sounded less enthralling was the ending. The message was relevant, but it didn’t connect all the themes to leave the reader satisfied.

Gabrielle Union’s memoir is more than a non-fiction tale. It is a vulnerable and powerful ode to life to celebrate its beauty and its struggles.

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