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"You Got Anything Stronger" by Gabrielle Union: 5 reasons to read it.

Gabrielle Union is back with a second book, or should I say invitation? Indeed, she invites all of us to take the next step where she reveals more about her life, her views, and her growth as a black woman in America. Buckle up before you dive in, it's about to get intense.

5- It is a sequel to her first memoir.

Gabrielle Union surprised everyone with her honesty and vulnerability in her first book, We’re Going to Need More Wine. If Gabrielle Union has brought laughter and tears through her first book, there’s more to expect in the second one. We can follow along with her journey and receive more of the authenticity that attracted us in the first place.

4- There are updates about her life

Gabrielle Union is a celebrity whose personal life has attracted the curiosity of both fans and haters. From giving birth to her first child through surrogacy to supporting her stepchild coming out, the award-winning actress has been through a lot these past four years. Well, the new book gives all the inside deets.

3- It's intimate

Since the first book, the author aimed for a personal relationship with the reader. In the first memoir, she set the scene for a first date where she was open enough to invite the readers in. With the sequel, she decided to take the relationship to the next level by bringing up taboo topics, such as her husband having a child with another woman and opening up about frustrations and insecurities.

2- It has a theme

Her previous book was inspiring, but the collection of personal stories was not bound by a common topic. Union was quick to remediate in her second book. Funny or tragic, every personal account is tied to one theme: grace. She defines it as "that combination of love and mercy that we all have to give and yet are trained to think we don’t deserve.”

1- It mentions relevant issues

With a healthy dose of wit and a generous amount of compassion, Union tackles issues like racism, sexism, and mental illness. Following the unrest caused by police brutality and the mental health struggles caused by the pandemic, she has words of wisdom and counsel for everyone. To do so, she dissects her personal experiences to show that we’re all in this together.

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